Who would have thought that 1 can get so attached to a wild bird ? well I did.I got this baby chick from a friend and just fell in love with this pink noisy little bird with the big feet. Unfortunately her little sibling did not make it and we could not find the nest or parents.

I named her Freedom but quickly realized Cheeky bek will fit this ugly duckling better. I decided she must be a female she’s so petite, noisy and just full off attitude. We have been enjoying this wonderful experience every day, raising this beautiful bird and learning how intelligent and clever Crested Barbets are. I raised Cheecky bek on mealworms, porridge and fruit. Cheecky bek was a really hungry chick when I got her and she loved her food. Cheecky bek made sure you heard her when she’s hungry and of course her favorite till now is her baby porridge even though she’s not a check anymore.2 months has passed and Cheecky bek is beautiful her colors is bright and her singing music to your ears. Cheecky bek has 2 regular visitors Boelie & Kie 2 Crested Barbets, they sing outside in the garden and when Cheecky bek answer them they come to the window or sliding door and very curious comes and see who this stranger is. Cheecky bek flies outside and explore outside. She calls now and again and when Boelie & Kie join’s her in a tree she sometimes fly back home to me or my husband to make sure we are still close by for comfort. Cheecky bek comes to me for her porridge early morning and then before she goes to her nest in the afternoon. She sleeps in an old tree branch in our house that previous Barbets or Woodpeckers had their nests in. During the day she plays outside and eat sand, insects and fruit. It’s really interesting to watch her while she explore outside she loves sand, leaves and water to take a bath in.

Cheecky bek is very jealous of our Squirrel kids and don’t like it when one of them wants tlc from one of us, it’s really funny to see how she puff’s up and intimidate them with her colorful feathers and open beak.Cheecky bek likes her 2 feather friends in our house my 2 Parrots but I don’t think they are too happy with this cheeky colorful bird that’s been here for a while and has taken over the household. We had a few really funny moments with all the animal kids. When she sees me in the afternoon she’s so happy and starts to sing trrrrr trrrrr flies to me and greet me with a nibble on the cheek with her beak if she says where have you been?



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