I was on my way home from a safari and near Letaba camp (Phalaborwa) in Kruger National Park on H9 I got a troop of Chacma Baboons aka the Cape Baboon in South Africa crossing the road.

Baboons are very social animals and like grooming and playing. They communicate through body attitudes, facial expressions like you can see on the pictures, vocalizations and touch. They have many human like futures like raising their eyebrows or giving a grin.I love watching Baboons and stopped to take pictures of them. I saw these 2 youngsters and could not help to smile and enjoy the silliness.

They chased each other stopped and crab each other like if they had a secret it looked like they are dancing and if both of them wanted to lead the dance. It was so funny I laughed by myself and thought they are so similar to humans. At a stage it almost looked like they tickled each other it was so cute to see their facial expressions. The rest of the troop moved away and they knew they had to run for it to keep up with them. They were like 2 naughty kids jumping grabbing each other and in the one pic it looks like the one wants to pull the other ones tail. They took off in the last picture you just see dust as they follow the rest of the troop in a hurry.

I always stop to watch the Baboons and took interesting pictures over the years. I have never seen dancing Baboons like these 2 youngsters in my 16 years in Kruger Park.  I really enjoyed the funny moment and love sharing my pictures and this experience with other people. I am sure these pictures will put a smile on your face.

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