Many people never experience the amazing aerial displays of the male Korhaan. The male flies as high as he dares into the sky and then pulls in his wings and fall to the ground like a falling stone. Just before he hits the ground he opens his wings and do a landing all to impress the female nearby. It’s a beautiful show to see this falling stone and then suddenly the wings opening and then he’s gone, safely landing on the ground. If you lucky and the female is close by he wil start to dance for her and show his red crest. It reminds me of the song ….I like to move it move it… !!!!

It’s really wonderful to witness and every time I see it it gives me goose pumps. On my wish list – I want to take a picture of the falling stone and then spreading the wings to do a safe landing but I have never been so lucky it always happens so fast you never expect it and it always happens when I am driving in Kruger National Park. The picture attached is of a female Korhaan I got near the road after a male did the aerial display for her.

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