Indemnity Form


I/We, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I/We are entering an area under the jurisdiction of SANPARKS where I/We could be subject to man-made or natural elements and where dangerous animals could be a risk. I/We understand and appreciate fully that there are risks involved.

Bushbaby Adventures Tours & Safaris, its Board, Directors, Employees, and Agents are not liable for any loss or damage:


  1. To the property or possession of any guest or resident (or accompanying minor) even if such damage is caused by the negligent act or omission of Bushbaby Adventures Tours & Safaris.
  2. Arising from death or any bodily injuries of whatsoever nature sustained by a guest or resident (or accompanying minor) whether such injuries are caused by the negligent act or omission by Bushbaby Adventures Tours & Safaris, and/or by the defective functioning of any apparatus.
  3. The guest or resident and/or his/her/their estate hereby indemnifies Bushbaby Adventures Tours & Safaris against any claim, action, judgment, costs, and/or expenses which may be made against Bushbaby Adventures Tours & Safaris and as may in any way be related to the above.
  4. Bushbaby Adventures Tours & Safaris will at all times do their best to ensure the safety of guests.
  5. Guests should at all times adhere to the instructions of the guide in charge of the Safari to avoid any unnecessary incidents as it is wild animals.
  6. Guests are not allowed to wander off on their own when we are stopping for breaks outside any designated areas. By signing the Indemnity Form I/We acknowledge that you do fully understand and accept the terms and conditions as set out above.

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